Hyperlink Ventures

As investors, we look for the right blend of hyper growth, healthy margin profiles, and passionate founders building generational companies.

What We Do

We serve as a link between our portfolio companies, enterprise customers, and engineering talent. We come from deep entrepreneurial roots with a $100M+ bootstrapped consulting and talent recruiting firm that provides custom software integrations and top engineering talent to many of the Fortune 500. Whether it is recruiting a key engineer or facilitating an intro to a new customer, we are as hands on as our founders want us to be.


Prior to founding Hyperlink, we invested more than $45 million in 39 startups over the last decade. Through our prior vehicles, we have been fortunate to identify and invest early in breakout unicorns that have built our track record. We are a close knit team with a passion for the startup ecosystem.


Companies below represent select investments made by the partners through various vehicles prior to the formation of Hyperlink Ventures.

*company is valued at more than $1 billion (according to public sources).

Hyperlink Ventures is based in Los Angeles and Frisco.